TAGGED: The historic Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana in Malaga has had CCTV installed as part of a graffiti crackdown

CCTV has been installed at a Malaga cultural centre in a police crackdown on graffiti artists.

The Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana now has security cameras to protect the site, which dates back to 1766, from vandalism.

Classified as a ‘Building of Cultural Interest’, the fort was a key military stronghold in the region and its doors feature the crest of Carlos III of Spain.

CRACKDOWN: The walls of an urbanization in Rincon de la Victoria where police caught graffiti artists

After the site was graffitied, the Mayor of Rincon de la Victoria, Francisco Salado, said police research meant they could now act ‘immediately’ on graffiti artists.

The police training was put to use as officers in Rincon caught three graffiti artists red-handed as they spray-painted the walls of an urbanization in the area.

Two of the three masked youths, aged 20, 22 and 25 have previously been arrested for graffiti.

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