Este viene a trabajar y a ganarse el dinero honradamente. (Fuengirola)

Geplaatst door Giorgio Benedicto op Zaterdag 23 februari 2019

THIS is the moment a reveller ‘pulls a gun’ during a fight on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

The viral clip, recorded on January 27, shows three men accosting the young man, before he immediately pulls out what appears to be a handgun.

The Moroccan then tries to hit one of his attackers with the ‘gun’ before pointing it at the others, who quickly flee the scene in the centre of Fuengirola.

However after the clip was widely shared on social media, Policia Nacional opened an investigation. 

When they tracked down the young man, he revealed that the gun was in fact a plastic replica which he ‘used it to intimidate others’. 

He was arrested several days later on unrelated charges. 

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