UPDATE: MPs voted down the amendment to delay Article 50 to hold a second referendum by a majority of  249

BRITISH MPs will vote today on whether or not to hold ANOTHER Brexit referendum.

According to The Independent, it comes after speaker John Bercow selected an amendment which could lead to a Final Say vote.

The amendment was put forward by The Independent Group’s Sarah Wollaston and will be voted on tonight during a debate on whether to extend Article 50.

It comes after a no deal Brexit was last night dramatically ruled out by MPs by just four votes.

In yet another defeat for the government , MPs ruled by by 312 votes to 308 that the country should not leave the EU without a deal in any circumstance.

The Spelman amendment vote came after the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement was heavily defeated in the commons on Tuesday.

Yesterday, May said: “Voting against leaving without a deal, and for an extension, does not solve the problems we face.

“The EU will want to know what use we want to make of that extension. The house will have to answer that question.”

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