TARGETS: Gibraltar bikes were the only ones which had their tyres punctured

A GIBRALTARIAN is sounding the alarm after his tyres were slashed in a ‘xenophobic attack’ on the Costa del Sol.

The 49-year-old, and a friend, both had tyres slashed on their motorbikes after they parked them outside Marbella’s La Canada shopping centre last week.

“We were targeted because our number plates are Gibraltarian as all the Spanish bikes were left untouched,” the local, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Olive Press this week.

“One seemed to be done with a serrated nail and the other with a screw.

“I think it’s a wider problem and people need to be made aware.”

TOWED AWAY: Gibraltar bikes

At least two other Gibraltarians claimed they had their tyres slashed across the border over the last month.

One told the Olive Press how his rear tyre – also on a motorbike – was slashed in Algeciras.

The Gibraltar Brit who had his tyres slashed in Marbella insisted that he was not trying to stir up ‘hate’ against the Spanish, thanking the locals who helped him.

“If it was done in hatred, well it didn’t work because we had Spanish people helping us afterwards who were equally aggrieved with the situation.

“Of course they are not all the same but be careful where you park.”

It comes as tensions between Spain and Gibraltar continue to flare over the Brexit fiasco and just months after far-right party Vox – which is notoriously anti-Gibraltar – won 12 seats at the Andalucian parliament.

When approached the centre apologised to the Brit in a statement, saying it ‘regretted’ the incident and would be launching an investigation.

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