PINEAPPLE EXPRESS: Trains were disrupted for 149 minutes as bomb squad called in

A MAN will go to many lengths to win back an ex-girlfriend, but few end in a pineapple, toxic peas and a terror alert.

This was the fate of a 38-year-old Spaniard arrested for public disorder after he planted an enchanted pineapple on train tracks outside Alicante, on the Costa Blanca.

A neighbour who saw two men ‘praying’ over a black package near the Carretera d’Ocaña phoned the Policia Nacional, triggering a terror alert that disrupted eight trains as tracks were shut down for 149 minutes.

Police passed the matter on to Spain’s bomb squad, who instead of discovering explosives found a hollowed-out pineapple containing nails, pins, ground coffee, grapes, two pieces of paper and some red-and-black rosary peas—which are toxic when consumed.

One piece of paper showed the name of the man’s ex-partner, while the other showed the girl’s mother, along with a skull, curse words and the name of a man presumed to be the girl’s ‘new boyfriend’, according to the Policia Nacional.

The foiled spell saw the unlucky Spaniard arrested for public disorder, as he confessed to having an affinity for the ‘esoteric’.

The ex-girlfriend, however, did not share the same passions: her request for a year’s restraining order against the man for previous acts of ‘sexist violence’ was duly granted by an Alicante court.

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