LOVERS: Escobar and Judith

AN animal shelter in southern Spain is appealing to expats and locals to home an ‘inseparable’ doggy couple.

Escobar and Judith arrived at the pound in Los Barrios in 2017 and it was love at first sniff. 

“From the moment they set eyes on each other, they bonded immediately, becoming the Romeo and Juliet of the pound,” Victoria Vasquez, from Spanish Stray Dogs told the Olive Press, “They cannot bear to be apart and when together Escobar is constantly touching Judith to ensure she is happy.

PLEASE HOME US: Escobar and Judith

“Their love story ensures that their time at the pound is a little less bleak, but also has a dark side, we cannot break their bond to get them adopted separately.

“We need a special adopter willing to adopt them both together and be part of this love story.”

Vasquez added that the pound in Los Barrios is struggling with the high volume of abandoned dogs arriving every day, many of them in ‘terrible condition.’ 

“There simply is no space to house one more single dog, and help is needed urgently in terms of adoptions and fosters as well as donations to move the more vulnerable dogs onto boarding kennels to keep them safe,” she added.

“Overcrowding raises the dogs stress levels causing the dogs to fight with each other with sometimes terrible consequences.”

Anyone interested in adopting Escobar and Judith please email 

If people wishes to donate they can do this via

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