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MORE than a third of Spaniards fear Brexit will have a ‘very negative’ impact on their country’s economy.

A survey by El Cambio en Europa found that 37% thought the UK’s departure from the EU would have a direct impact on their economic well being.

Meanwhile, 45% believe the negotiations have not been carried out effectively and that Spain’s national interests were not defended enough.

The survey also revealed many people do not know what the European Parliament does (63.5%), while even more see the European Commission as a mystery (66.3%).

The UK has until October 31 to find a solution to Brexit.


  1. Or to present it in a more neutral way….
    Almost two thirds of Spaniards are NOT concerned about the effects of a Brexit – roughly the same percentage as those who do not understand the workings of the unelected bodies within the EU

    Location : Spain
  2. The elected bodies of the EU are your MEPs. A Google search will reveal your particular MEP. It is then a simple matter to bug the hell out of him or her, just as you can with your National member of parliament. An election for the European Parliament is due shortly. It behoves all of us to inform our selves of the various crooks and charlatans who put their selves forward and vote down the dirty dogs such as Farage and his foul cohorts, who are interested only in sabotaging what could and should be a fine institution if people of good will ran it.

    Location : malaga

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