MUNCHIES: The cookies from Dutch brand Dr Greenlove contain ‘100% real cannabis bud’

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition has issued a warning about the presence of cannabis in a brand of children’s cookies that arrived from the Netherlands.

The Girl Scout Cookies Chocolate Kush and Girl Scout Cookies Ginger Cookie Kush, both from the Dr Greenlove brand in Amsterdam, are made with ‘100% real cannabis bud’, according to the company’s website.

The alarm was first sounded in the Canary Islands during a routine check, in which health authorities queried the products for not correctly labelling the type of flour used.

Despite having a large marijuana leaf on the package, it was later discovered that the cookies contained an unauthorised ingredient: cannabis.

LEAN: The cookies were first tested and removed from shops in the Canary Islands

The Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, said in a statement that the distribution of the product nationwide is ‘unknown’, adding that they ‘could be located in establishments across all of Spain’.

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition have issued another statement saying that, as a precaution, ‘it is recommended to those allergic or intolerant consumers who have the product at home to refrain from consuming it.’

A nationwide investigation is now underway to find and remove the psychoactive children’s cookies from shop shelves.

Other products advertised on the Dr Greenlove website include Cannabis Bears, Cannabis High Tea, Cannabis Lollipops and Cannabis Instant Chocolate.

DOPEY: The range of Girl Scout Cookies containing cannabis

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