TWO British citizens have been arrested during anti-drug trafficking raids on the Costa del Sol.

The unnamed pair were picked up during the search of three properties in San Pedro de Alcantara and Mijas.

The raids, which saw large amounts of cash and documents seized, were part of a probe into an international criminal gang suspected of transporting large amounts of hashish from Morocco to the UK via the Costa del Sol and Strait of Gibraltar.

The investigation began at the end of October last year when Guardia Civil became aware of British gangs sending large amounts of the drug back to the UK.

The Brits were arrested during raids in San Pedro

Further probes discovered bales of hashish were being hidden in homes and properties with high security measures to avoid police detection.

When the traffickers believed the coast was clear, they would move the drugs to the small town of Trujillanos in Palencia, near Caceres.

There, the drug traffickers would use their fruit export companies as a front to move the drugs across Spain and into northern Europe.  

Guardia Civil cops intercepted at least one truck when it reached Salamanca, seizing 1,335 kg of hashish hidden among boxes of oranges.

Spanish cops called in the UK’s National Crime Agency as well as French Judicial Police in a bid to identify and track down the suspects involved in the gang.

The crack team ordered three raids in homes in San Pedro de Alcantara and Mijas, leading to the arrest of two Brits, while a French citizen was cuffed when he later returned from France.  

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