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The International Vote is important in Mijas, where a third of the population are foreign, writes Bill Anderson

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GOOD JOB: Bill Anderson thinks Angel Nozal is doing a better job in Mijas than many people realise

NOZAL is only after the foreign vote.

This was a comment on the Mijas Matters page when Angel announced his proposals for domestic animals.

This is possibly one of the most inane comments ever.

Of course he is after the foreign vote, as are Ciudadanos, and PSOE, PACMA, Podemos, and all the rest of the parties.

Tell me who is not interested in the foreign vote.

If we internationals got our act together, we could easily determine who governs Mijas.

We make up over a third of the population.
What shouts out at me when I see such comments is simply this.

There are those who will knock Nozal for wanting the foreign vote because they are pushing for another party and it is THEY who want the foreign vote, but they don’t have the integrity to say just that.

At a personal level, I am honoured to be presented as Number seven on Angel’s candidate list: only the second time in the 40-year history of Mijas that a foreigner has been in this position.

xMijas town white village benalmadena
HUGE: The foreign vote is important in Mijas, where a third of the population are non-Spanish

Angel persuaded me over two years ago to work with him towards making the international community feel more a part of Mijas and more informed about what is happening and how they can get involved.

The response has been wonderful.

Would I like to see the internationals voting to put Angel back in charge of Mijas?

Without a doubt, because if Angel wins his absolute majority, Mijas wins.
Angel had many plans for Mijas, but not all are new.

Many of the plans were already on his proposals in 2015, but we know how they were prevented from happening.

I would argue, however, that the plans are in some ways secondary to Angel’s philosophy of managing Mijas.

He has stated time and again: “I don’t want my councillors working from an office.

“They belong on the streets among the people.

“If they want to know where to find me, it’s easy; on the streets as always.”
We sometimes get lost in the labels politicians carry: he’s a socialist; she’s a conservative.

In the end, ‘by their deeds shall you know them’.

Nozal broke the idea that the Partido Popular is only for rich people.

He helped elderly people make their houses safe by rewiring them, and by installing showers. He created the Renta Basica to give families in difficult situations the opportunity to get back into the work market.

He built the first stretch of boardwalk on the entire Costa del Sol which can be, and is, enjoyed by everyone regardless of their social status.

So, are these people wrong when they say that Nozal wants the international vote?

No, they are not, Nozal like all politicians wants all the votes he can get.

It is their raison d’etre.

The difference is Nozal can, and with support, will deliver on his commitments.

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  1. Staff Reporter you left out of your praise for Angel Nozal the investigation of corruption in 2017 and various black marks for this candidate for Partido Popular the most corrupt political party in the history of Spanish Democracy. Nuff said!!

    Location : canaries
    • Dear tamtam
      Please check your facts! True there have been a number of accusations levelled at Angel Nozal. It is very easy to make accusations. Three cases have already gone to court and been thrown out with costs awarded to the accusers, basically for wasting court time! One even went to appeal and Nozal won again on appeal. There was a concerted campaign to get rid of Nozal by the Orange Brigade, hence the raft of accusations. All were for administrative issues.
      Also check your facts about the most corrupt party in Spain. What has gone missing from the coffers of the Junta de Andalucia after 40 years of PSOE, dwarfs the total of all the combined corruption cases of the PP – not that I am justifying these, but again, get your facts right!

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