INSIDE JOB: A Guardia Civil officer was among the arrests of a huge bust involving 200 police

A GUARDIA Civil officer is among 57 people arrested to have been arrested in a huge anti-drug trafficking operation.

Around 200 police were involved in the bust in southern Spain, which also saw several tonnes of hash recovered.

So-called ‘Operation Balbi’, saw mostly Spaniards detained, but also Moroccans and Europeans.

Police found that boats with hollowed-out hulls had been transporting hash from Morocco, where it was then distributed in the modified chassis of trucks throughout Andalucia.

RECOVERED: Police found that hash from Morocco had been transported to Andalucia

Also seized were a number of weapons, including a submachine gun, as well as cash, and previously stolen boats and cars.

Across Malaga, Granada and Cadiz, 25 buildings were searched.

The leader of the drug network was caught in Manilva, while suspects in Estepona and Marbella were also detained.

The cuffed copper was from Benemerita, while in Granada police made arrests in Fuentevaqueros, Pinos Puente, Lachar and Gojar.

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