A FOREIGN artist has re-imagined Malaga minus the tourism and construction boom. 

In a series of photoshopped images, Katharina Fitz has returned the coastline of the provincial capital to a place inhabited only by fishermen, the sun’s warmth and the blue of the Med. 

In the Austrian’s work, entitled Málaga-Paracosmic Houses, Fitz has separated a row of the city’s iconic Pedregalejo houses and placed each one detached among a backdrop of the beach. 

The images are designed to criticise the ‘loss of personality’ in areas of the province due to decades of tourism and construction booms.  

Fitz explains: “The partial loss of the community spirit of the once bustling fishing village is illustrated by the visual isolation of the houses.

“This focuses the viewers attention on the unique character of each individual building as it stands alone in space; the houses are transformed into protagonists within the images. “

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