A WOMAN has been found beheaded while six months pregnant in her apartment in Xativa, on the Costa Blanca.

The woman, named Isabell Elena Raducanu, 36, was discovered by her Spanish partner at 4.10pm yesterday afternoon.

Juan Vicente, 32, was returning from his work in a factory in Xativa when he discovered Raducanu naked on the floor of their apartment with a large knife wound to the left side of her neck.

The man confirmed to police that Raducanu, from Romania, had worked as a ‘sex worker’ and was six months pregnant.

The case has rocked the city of Xativa as the brutal murder occurred two minutes from the town hall on Calle Fransisco Gozalbes.

Today has been declared a day of mourning.

The Homicide Group of the Valencia Police Headquarters are investigating the horrific murder.

Their current motive is reportedly that Raducanu had a debt to a former client related to her line of work.

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