KILLER WIFE: Svetlana Batukova was found guilty of homicide

A WOMAN in Mallorca has been charged after being accused of dismembering her sedated husband and feeding his body parts to her dogs.

Svetlana Batukova, 49 has been charged with homicide and following a grisly investigation into the death of Horst Hans Henkel, 70.

Batukova stabbed Henkel in a frenzied attack at the couple’s home in Cala Millor in the east of the island.

The Russian cocaine addict delayed calling the police and is said to have stood by as her Staffordshire Bull Terriers mauled her dying husband.

She drugged the pensioner and fed strips of flesh from Henkel’s arms to her terriers, the jury at the trial heard.

MURDERED OAP: Horst Hans Henkel died from blood loss

Batukova was said to be suffering from a psychotic episode at the time, reportedly triggered by a cocktail of drink and drugs.

Jurors accepted the animals ate parts of the victim but were unsure if the OAP had been drugged or indeed if Batukova had fed the dogs his flesh.

Batukova had claimed the dogs spontaneously ripped much of the flesh away from her husband’s arms which caused the fatal haemorrhaging.  

RUSSIAN: Batukova with one of her pet Staffies

The court heard the pair had a rocky relationship and police had visited their home on several occasions amid violent arguments.

The couple had been together for just over two years.

Batukova will now faces a sentence of between ten and 14 years in prison. 

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