THE UK and Spain have been revealed as the countries with the largest proportion of w**kers, according to recent statistics.

The countries topped sexual wellness company TENGA’s Self-Pleasure Report 2019, with 93% of Spaniards saying they had tried the illicit activity of masturbation.

The Iberian nation outcompeted second-place United Kingdom, which saw 91% of respondents saying they had performed the act.

The United Kingdom however engaged in the activity most frequently, with 61% of men doing it once a week – the most of any nation.

The results were based on 10,000 interviews men and women across nine countries.

PALM SUNDAY: Page 4 of TENGA’s Self-Pleasure Report

China came last of the nine countries surveyed, with just 71% admitting to the practise.

Spain’s top results however was calculated from 95% of positive male responses, and 90% positive female responses.

The results also revealed that August was the month with most activity, and with the taboo self-pleasure occurring most frequently between 7:30pm and 11pm.

More than 70% of Spanish respondents said they considered it a form of ‘therapy’.

However, around a third of all Spaniards admitted to lying about their involvement with the practise, with women three percentage points more likely than men.


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