1 Jul, 2019 @ 20:27
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SICK: Facebook ‘League table’ tracks and mocks British deaths from Spain balcony falls

A FACEBOOK page has been set up to mock British holidaymakers who have been injured and killed in balcony falls in Spain.

The controversial ‘Balconing Mallorca’ Facebook page has a ‘league table’ to allocate points for injuries and fatalities, with countries ranked by number of victims.

The sick tally has the UK listed at the top of the table with a total of six ‘points’ allocated for three injuries and one death.

TALLY: Showing the breakdown of ‘balconing’ victims by country

‘Balconing’ sees tourists at Spanish resorts like Magaluf, attempt to climb onto balconies and either jump from room to room, or into a pool.

Members of the balconing Facebook group have even posted messages encouraging more ‘stupid’ and ‘drunken’ tourists to attempt the life-threatening stunt.

“The ‘balconing’ has not only put Magaluf on the world map of risk sports but is also an effective catalyst of natural selection.

“Each year, a handful of drunken tourists choose to eliminate their genes from the evolutionary race, thus allowing the fittest – the least stupid, in this case – to occupy their biological niche.

“The solution to ‘balconing’ is more ‘balconing,” reads a Change.org petition set up by the group.

MOCKING: Petition to make ‘balconing’ an Olympic sport’

The petition is part of a ‘troll’ campaign to have balconing made into an Olympic sport.

The petition caption reads: “That is why we ask the International Olympic Committee to include ‘balconing’ as an Olympic sport in the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Games,

“Where Japanese spectators can enjoy the capers, permanent paralysis and premature deaths of British jumpers, pioneers and true aces of this sport.”

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