A TWISTED man has once again begun covering the insides of people’s cars with his semen after almost being caught last year.

The break-ins, which first began last December but stopped around April, begun again this week as three women found sperm stains in their vehicles.

Some of the victims have been hit more than once, with one victim getting visited by the man five times so far.

SINISTAR: Note left in car by the sex pest

The unnamed woman, who has grown increasingly worried about the situation, said: “This is the  fifth time this has happened to me, and it is very worrying that in this century we have no security and we are helpless, this is a sexual depravity and nothing is being done.”

In sinister message left in one of the cars, parked on Calle Manyolas, the carjacker had scrawled ‘I have had a w**k, guess where beautiful.’

It all began last December in Alaro, when numerous locals found their cars had been broken into, but nothing was stolen.

However they soon discovered a white sticky substance had been left in various different locations within the vehicle, including on photos.

Eventually the pattern became clear and the police began looking for the sexual deviant.

Police have been intensely looking for the culprit, while the town hall and the mayor has warned residents of the threat and urged police to find him quickly. 

Mayor Llorenç Perelló said: “I will have a meeting with the chief colonel of the Guardia Civil to see that this case is dealt with as soon as possible.”

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