A BRITISH teenager has been headbutted by a ram at the Terra Natura zoo in Benidorm suffering a shock that left her ‘up all night’ vomiting.

The girl, 16, said the male mouflon ‘charged’ her after the corn kernels she had purchased ran out.

She was left with a hefty swelling on her leg and had to go to the zoo’s medical centre for treatment.

“There was absolutely no one supervising the animals,” the girl’s mum, Jennifer Aitchinson, told the Olive Press.

“Imagine if my daughter had been a toddler?”

RAMMER: Male goats and sheep can become aggressive during the rutting season

Terra Natura spokesman Roberto Cobollo confirmed the area – which features mouflons, goats and deer – was unsupervised.

“There is a warning sign urging parents to be vigilant with their children,” Cobollo added.

“One of the rams might push you, but if a complaint is made we will remove an animal.”

He said that goats and moufflons are removed from the area when in ‘rutting season’, between April and May.

He added that certain birds can also start pecking visitors when broody, for which the zoo takes ‘rigorous precautions’.

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