A BRITISH-RUN transfer company on the Costa Blanca has been the ‘first in Spain’ to upgrade a VTC-licensed diesel car to dual fuel.

Alicante Transfers Ltd made the upgrade this month on a VIP Mercedes Vito mini-van, which is also the first Vito in Spain to receive the new technology.

Duel fuel motors can help to reduce diesel emissions by ‘30% to 40%’ while also reducing cost by up to ‘25%’.

“We are working with Benidorm Town Hall to lead the way in the future of the VTC license,” Alicante Transfers Ltd owner, Dave McQueen, told the Olive Press.

A March 2019 decree from the Valencian Generalitat stated that VTC licences will only be transferred to new cars if they use ‘eco-friendly’ forms of power generation.

The decree states ‘electricity’, ‘hydrogen’, ‘natural gas’, ‘lpg’ and ‘hybrid’ cars will be particularly sought out amongst the new, greener measures.

“Very few mechanics can convert a diesel engine to duel fuel,” Jose from Eco Truck Services, in Zaragoza, told the Olive Press.

“It helps to give new life to diesel engines, which create a lot of emissions, but generally make for better engines than petrol cars.”

McQueen said the procedure cost €4,600, and took 10 days, but his business would soon make back the costs through reduced fuel consumption.

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