A BRIT has been robbed of €400 by a gang of women in Benidorm on day one of his first-ever lads’ holiday.

Alex Ayland, 20, from Lydney, Gloucestershire, headed out to the Spanish tourist hotspot with a group of pals last week.

But his sunny getaway quickly turned sour when he was robbed of all his holiday cash on the first day by ‘hugger muggers’.

His plight was revealed by his mum Mand who shared the story on a Benidorm Facebook group, asking members to ‘give him a smile’ if they saw him.

MUGGED: Alex was hit by two thieves on his first ever lads’ holiday this week

She wrote: “Me and hubby come to Benidorm every year because we love the place.

“Our 20-year-old son arrived yesterday with some friends and was robbed of €400 from two girls touching him up.

“It was his first holiday without us. He rang us in tears, it was all he had.

“My point is if you see him could you give him a smile and hello, he wanted to get the first flight home.”

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