TURRON de Alicante has been selected over turron de Jijona in the campaign for a new WhatsApp emoji expected ‘within months’.

Blog madeinjijona.com explained that the turron de Alicante, better known as nougat in English, was a better choice than its neighbouring competitor – despite the Jijona variety being the best selling.

“The image of the almonds in the form of tears of the nougat of Alicante is more easily identifiable with nougat as a generic dessert for Christmas or as a delicatessen,” a blogpost explained.

The campaign for a new WhatsApp emoji began on June 7.

YUM: The design by Sara Verdu, featuring turron de Alicante

The blog behind the campaign said the new design, by Sara Verdu, will be submitted to the Unicode Consortium and should be available ‘within months’.

Madeinjijona.com added turron is the ‘best known and most-consumed on the planet’, and has a tradition dating back ‘over 500 years’.

It comes after the addition of a paella emoji, which took two years to process.

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