ELECTRIC scooter riders will soon require a helmet and insurance in new measures to be ‘imminently’ introduced in Alicante.

Alicante Town Hall’s Department of Mobility is following in the footsteps of Valencia city and Benidorm in introducing at least four pillars of electric scooter use.

The first will be a prohibition against using electric scooters on pavements, instead riding on bicycle lines or walking where there are no provisions.

Secondly, riders will need to use a helmet.

The third regulation will be mandatory purchase of insurance in case of an accident.

Lastly, electric scooters will not be allowed to ride faster than 30km/h.

Councillor for mobitlity, José Ramón González, submitted the first proposal for regulation for public debate in January 2019.

The final text is expected to be ‘imminently’ approved and will take immediate effect.


  1. Nice post Joshua.

    I just wanted to point out a new regulation. Now the speed limit is 25 km/h. Which is fine, at least for me, I go more than fast enough, even faster than bicycles haha.

    I live in Spain, but I don’t live in Alicante. And most people don’t really use helmets. It’s not the best idea, but polite don’t seem to bother about it, which is cool, just because is more confortable for moving around and fast little trips.


    Location : Spain
  2. Electric bikes and ordinary bikes. No mandatory insurance. No mandatory helmets. Why the difference with scooters? Personally, I wouldn’t give these silly, dangerous toys houseroom, but, let’s have a level playing field.

    Location : malaga

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