A British man has been left penniless after he and his six-month pregnant girlfriend were kicked onto the street by her step-father on the Costa Blanca.

Lloyd Tee, 25, was thrown out with all his belongings in L’Altet on Tuesday.

He spent his ‘last euro’ on a hostel and a sandwich for Panamanian girlfriend Johana, 26, who has lived most of her life in Spain.

STRANDED: Lloyd and Johana are expecting a baby in just three months’ time

The dispute started when Johana’s step-father, Angel, did not like Johana’s mother taking sides with the couple, and strangled her before police were called.

Lloyd maintains Angel’s family wanted ‘revenge’ for his arrest and turned up outside the house he was renting to the British-Panamanian couple.

Video footage shows a woman shouting ‘get out you son of a b**ch’ and calling the pair ‘squatters’.

“We had been living there five days with the contract still in process,” Lloyd told the Olive Press from a bus terminal in Alicante.

“I didn’t think it would be a priority him being a ‘father-in-law’.

“We paid Angel €300 in rent, with about €100 in food and seven months of belongings acquired in Spain in the flat.

“Angel took it all, all the things we were saving for the baby, and the family threw us out.”

Police aided Angel in throwing the couple out, before Lloyd says he made a denuncia and spent ‘six hours in court’ on Wednesday.

HOMELESS: The couple’s belongings after police ordered them to leave as there was no formal contract

Lacking an official contract, however, the police had no power to reinstall them in the house.

“When they left the court today they smiled and waved, mocking us,” Lloyd told the Olive Press.

“Then they took our food from the fridge and then had a party.”

Lloyd told the Olive Press Johana has borrowed money to stay with an aunt in Seville meanwhile he is stranded in Alicante.

It comes as Lloyd is due to begin work with an events agency in Benidorm on Thursday.

“We were just trying to be a family,” he said.

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