VILE: A Spanish school teacher racially abused two black British men

THE news that two British men were racially abused on a train in Spain by a school teacher is horrific.

This country doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to race and identity as it is.

But the fact that a TEACHER is the perpetrator of this tirade of racial abuse, may also be quite telling.

This personal attack on black people is not the first and will certainly not be the last on Spanish soil.

And with a teacher now caught on camera peddling the same old racist stereotypes of ‘monkeys’, is it any wonder racism continues.

As well as black people being made to feel like outsiders, this behaviour has also allowed the likes of Vox to flourish freely.

The right wing party succeeds by using stereotypes like those seen in the shocking footage of this attack.

Vox’s success means that in turn, Spaniards feel able to be racist in public, thus continuing the vicious cycle.

The government of Spain should reach out and make sure she is prosecuted. It would send out the right message that racism is not acceptable.

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  1. Wow, while I don’t condone her free speech, but that was a pretty big leap for you to to go from an argument on a train (for initial causes unknown), to a sweeping accusation of racism in Spain and it’s the fault of VOX? Oh and by the bay way, your call to prosecute the woman for racism because she called some black guys on a train “monkeys” during a heated exchange, would put most of the UK and Spain behind bars if the various insulting names people were called in arguments became a crime. Now, if they were denied access to the train, told to sit at the back of the train, or were denied some form of service because of their race – that is indeed racism and should be prosecuted. Name calling is not. Oh and just curious, where is the beginning of the video when this dispute got started?

    Location : Spain
  2. My wife is black but we get no racist remarks in our small Spanish village. The native Spaniards seem to reserve their ire for gypsies and Rumanians. The Rumanians in our village are pleasant and hard-working and are liked. The insults are reserved for the Rumanians they don’t know. We have a Gypsy friend who takes it in his stride. He regards it as simple ignorance. I’m only picked on for my bad Spanish but I was born with elephant skin!

    Location : Alpuarras

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