BIN BUST: Residents in Mijas who do not use bins properly can now be fined up to €3,000

POLICE will now hand out €3,000 fines to those not disposing of waste correctly, it has been announced.

A campaign was launched in Mijas this week, in a bid to tackle the garbage problem in the municipality.

It comes after a strike by binmen in Mijas was called off after an ‘agreement was signed’ ahead of the new Government being sworn in.

The maximum penalty of €3,000 will penalise people who deposit toxic, hazardous or special urban waste in normal containers.

OVERFLOWING: The tough new measures have been designed to combat garbage build-up in the wake of strikes held by binmen

Meanwhile a €1,500 fine will be handed out to those who fly tip and block traffic or cause a public health risk.

The same penalty will apply for those who get rid of their household waste in areas other than the bins provided.

Over 13 fines have already been doled out in the target areas of Mijas Pueblo, La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa.

Officers will now patrol the streets of the areas most affected by garbage, in order to act as a deterrent.

The Local Government has said it will launch an information campaign to raise awareness of the correct usage of bins.

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