SHOCKING: Police lead away the ‘exhibitionist’ who was alleged to have shown his genitals to children

A MAN has been arrested in a Costa del Sol water park after allegedly exposing his genitals to kids.

The Polish 29-year-old, who also carried a ‘plastic skewer’, was cuffed after being held by a cop who was on leave.

The ‘exhibitionist’, who only wore a ‘tiny loincloth’ is believed to have shown his genitals to children aged between seven and 15.

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The incident took place at the public water park on Calle Pacifico in Malaga, where the suspect also ‘intimidated’ customers with his weapon to get money.

A number of mothers at the park complained that the man had ‘partially lowered’ his swimsuit in order to expose himself.

Once local police detained the man, he began hurling abuse, like, ‘you are all going to suck my dick’, and ‘come here and grab my balls’.

Police have revealed that the incident happened on Thursday.

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