When Lisa and Tony Stainer came to Spain 25 years ago, they knew they wanted to work alone.

Throughout their hard-won tenure in the heart of the Jalon Valley they’ve seen estate agents come and go like the annual blossom of the almond trees.

With eyes full of sun, sea and sales, many a talented business have folded unable to hack it in the beguiling Spanish market.

SETTLED: It took five years for the Stainers to really feel comfortable

“People often think they’ll come here and get rich quick,” Lisa says.

“But Spain is still very old-fashioned in certain ways, you really have to know the people where you live to get the best from an area.

“It took us five years to settle in and find the good Spanish guys we could truly rely on and trust.”

With a love for the place they now call home ‘for life’, Lisa and Tony have a passion to make buyers feel safe.

And that’s why they are perhaps going against profit incentives to encourage clients to rent before committing to a purchase.

TRY BEFORE YOU BUY: Happy couple rented this Costa Blanca villa for three months before buying – and even then had the rent deducted from house price

“Rentals are hard-work for us, but it’s so important to build confidence into the client,” Lisa says.

“Take six months to see if this really is the place you want to lay your head, and can refund your rent if you pull out or make a purchase.”

And with a philosophy based more on nurturing, the results have been dramatic.

“We get clients coming back 10, or even 15 years later asking us to sell their property for them,” Lisa says.

“When you have that loyalty, you’re really done your job right.”

SPANISH DREAM: Jalon is nestled in a beautiful valley in Alicante province, famed for its almond blossoms

And this, to Lisa and Tony, is the key.

They both live in Jalon, and in the small towns of the Marina Alta they know they will bump into clients in the pub over and again.

“You have to remember that this is home for us too, and we also want to feel comfortable in what we do.”

Are you looking to buy in the Marina Alta? Contact Jalon Villa Properties on +34 966480517, or visit them directly in Jalón, Mon – Fri, 9.30 – 3.



We bought a property in Jalon through Tony and Lisa. Having met them a few times, we asked them to keep an eye out for a special property for us, which they did. We purchased our property in 2015 without even coming back to Spain to view it – we so trusted their decision.

We could not have been more delighted. We even gave it back to them to rent for us, and they have constantly rented for us both long-term monthly rents and July-August holiday rentals.

We can honestly say they provide a turnkey professional service, and have been so impressed with them we introduce them to our friends.

If anyone is looking for a truly caring and professional company to help them buy or rent in Spain, they can’t do better than to contact Jalon Villas.

— Sue Ludlam

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