HOLIDAY: The couple had been visiting Adeje in the Canary Islands before the mum ‘abandoned’ her bay

A BRITISH mum has been arrested after ‘abandoning her baby boy’ in the street.

The 24-year-old tourist was held after her three-month-old son was found in his pram, according to the Mirror.

Police said the incident, which took place in Adeje on the south of the island, occurred after the suspect had a drunken argument with her partner.

The pair of tourists allegedly rowed in a restaurant before the woman stormed out with her child.

DRUNK: Police said the baby had been left after a drunken row between the couple

Police then spoke to the kid’s father, before tracing the woman to nearby the hotel where the couple had been staying.

A Policia Nacional spokesperson said: “When the woman was asked about her child, she gave no explanation about where he was, saying simply that she couldn’t remember where he might be.

“A priority search started and ended half an hour afterwards when officers were informed a pram with the baby inside had been found in Avenida de Bruselas in Adeje.

“Once the baby was found to be in a good state of health and was returned to the father, officers arrested the mother.”

The woman is believed to have appeared in court yesterday, but the details have not yet been made public.

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