MALAGA has seen more than 3,000 gender violence cases opened so far this year.

These figures, taken as of June 30, include 43 minors and represents 19.3% of the Andalucian total of 15,747 registered cases.

Sexual violence has already claimed the lives of three women in the province, in Fuengirola on January 12; in Estepona on March 9 and in Cortes de la Frontera on July 17.

The Government sub-delegate in Malaga, María Gámez, has denounced gender violence and has promised ‘not to step back one step against this scourge.’

VIOLENCE: Against woman best be tackled says Malaga’s Maria Gamez

“Violence against women affects us all, the victim cannot feel alone and we must not doubt: aggression against women are caused by the fact of being women.

“Whoever says otherwise encourages this toxic ‘macho’ atmosphere, hides the problem and makes us go back decades,” she added.

Gámez has also stressed the ‘commitment’ of the Government in the fight against gender violence.

The Council of Ministers has given the green light for the distribution of €20 million to gender violence prevention.

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