BOTH BEAUTIFUL: Victoria Secret shoot on the left while (right) Marina Llorca’s imitation (CREDIT: Instagram/M.LL.)

A MARBELLA influencer has gained a huge following after recreating high profile bikini photoshoots with her ‘XL body’. 

Marina Llorca has almost amassed 100,000 followers on Instagram since she began her Imitando Marina XL challenge last year.

The local told Diario Sur she wanted to show the world that beauty exists in all sizes.

She was inspired after seeing photo after photo of skinny and slim women when searching for a beach to visit with her family in Spain.

“There began my restlessness, the models that came out had the same body,” she told Diario Sur.

“Then I thought that I could show that it didn’t matter what body you had, whether similar or not, you could take the same picture and it could be just as beautiful.”

Her page has become a huge hit, striking a chord with women who feel the pressure to have a perfect ‘bikini body’.

But there have been negative reactions also.

“There are people who denounce or report the photo and that is something that happens continuously,” she said.

Llorca is unmoved, however, and is planning to expand her project to include other women.

“I want to collaborate with other girls who break norms,” she said.

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