POLICE have arrested 14 people and seized more than 11 tonnes of hash seized across Anadalucia in the past week. 

Guardia Civil seized 10 drug smuggling boats and seven vehicles as part of operations along the coast of Huelva, Cadiz and Malaga.

In Algeciras, 333 kilos of hash were found hidden in a van attempting to enter the peninsula through the port, after the driver was apprehended. 

A further 1,500 kilos of hash were seized on Monte Calafete after suspects fled police in a car.

HAUL: Bundles of hash captured in drugs bust

Some 49 bundles of hash were later found scattered across the mountain. 

Smugglers left 70 bundles of hash on a beach in Conil, Cadiz, after fleeing offshore when they spotted the Guardia Civil.

In another incident in Cadiz the Guardia Civil seized 21 packages of hash, weighing 700 kilos,  from the deck of a boat, after spotting crew on two vessels passing packages between each other.

Two people were arrested onboard. 

A further 650 kilos of hash were found off the shore of Tarifa, Cadiz, in 20 separate bundles. 

BIG CATCH: Guardia Civil show off tonnes of drugs seized this week

In Huelva alone more than 3,800 kilos of hash was intercepted near the tourist beaches of Coto de Donana, after the coastguard found 120 bundles of hash stashed in three engines. 

Meanwhile in Malaga four Italians were arrested after police found 27 bundles of hash, weighing more than 850 kilos, in a house.

In the nearby beach resort of Estepona, smugglers abandoned 10 bundles of hash, weighing 300 kilos, on a boat off the coast, after spotting the Guardia Civil. 

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