A RED alert has this morning been issued by Spain’s Met Office (AEMET) as a Gota Fría advances on the Costa Blanca.

The extreme risk warning – the most severe alert – has been set for the very early hours of Thursday morning, and will be in effect until midday.

Costa Blanca south, however, will be on red alert until 6am on Friday morning.

AEMET predicts rainfall of 90 l/m sq to hit within one-hour periods, while lightning storms have a ‘40% – 70%’ probability.

Gale-force winds reaching 70 km/h are also expected, whipping waves up to 3m in height.

Amateur weather watcher Peter Voss said ‘I do hope AEMET doesn’t drop the ball on this on’ as other weather agencies already reported the red alert hours ago.

“AEMET dropped the ball last year on Malaga when they did not spot a massive downpour last year.”

The alert was issued just minutes after 12pm noon today (Wednesday).

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