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Gibraltar faces food shortages and four hour border delays in event of no deal Brexit, say government documents

GIBRALTAR may face food and medicine shortages in the event of a no deal Brexit, according to British government documents. 

Passengers crossing the Spanish border at the rock could also face waits of more than four hours, say the newly released Yellowhammer papers. 

The documents also warn of  ‘prolonged’ risks to Gibraltar’s economy. 

The government published the secret documents in full on Wednesday, after being forced to do so by MPs. 

Some of the documents had already been leaked to The Sunday Times in August. 

DELAYS: The border between Spain and Gibraltar

The papers are also critical of the Gibraltan authorities’ preparations for a no deal Brexit. 

The report says: “Despite the extension of the exit process, they have not taken the necessary decision to invest in infrastructure.”

Following the initial Yellowhammer leaks in August, Gibraltar’s main opposition party questioned the state of the governing party’s no deal preparations. 

At the time Chief Minister Fabian Picardo dismissed the report as ‘out-of-date.’

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  1. The headline is a Lie.
    Each paragraph has the words MAY or COULD face this or that…
    Pablo Cedron, if you are able to forsee the future, how much did you win on the lottery this month?
    In the case of a “No Deal” the UK “COULD” cut business rates and Gibraltar “COULD ” have a great future.

    Location : Motril
  2. The Yellowhammer documents were kept secret because Brexit politicians were running scared of it’s conclusions. The papers, drawn up by the Government themselves, using existing data, are up-to-date and completely accurate. One may only speculate why Picardo joined with the obfuscations, claiming falsely, the papers were “out of date”.
    Now the information has been published by legal pressure, the weasels responsible have altered it’s title to “worst case” and redacted much of it, notably, that concerning energy costs, petrol gas etc.
    It is enlightening to read and weep at both versions.

    Location : malaga
    • The reason they did not want to publish was because ill informed people like you would distort the finding and exaggerate the POSSIBLE problems claiming they are FACTS and will ALL happen.
      I understand it is dated 2nd August and that everyone in government, both the Leave and Remain side agree a lot of work and progress has been made since.
      As a retired aircraft safety manager I understand these sort of documents, it seems you do not.

  3. Have just joined after some while looking at stories and comments and over that period have noticed how sensible the posts by Vulcanben are and Bigboy’s are re Brexit etc. Whereas the other two posters over the time period are nothing but Project Fear as if they work for Remain. Since the vote Project Fear has been found wanting and the 88% of so called leading economists have been proven totally wrong in their forecasts for UK Armageddon following a Leave vote. Their agenda is rather pathetic as the UK will prove once it leaves the suspect EU. Will check in occasionally folks!
    Nothing to fear from BREXIT for expats, reciprocal arrangements will be in place!

    Location : Alhaurin

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