EXPATS: The vote may have tilted the other way

AS the world’s oldest democracy came to a shuddering halt thanks to Boris Johnson’s proroguing putsch, the Olive Press carried out its own democratic exercise.

The results of our exclusive online poll of more than 2,000 readers revealed that 73% of expats would vote to remain if given the chance again.

This is pretending as if most of us got much of a say last time round.

The burning truth is most of us could not vote despite the fact we stood to be most affected.

The ‘Will of the People’ did not extend to the pueblos of the Axarquia or Calpe despite friends, family and business links we as Brits resident in Spain have with the UK.

For those who were able to vote here, there were even reports of ballot papers getting lost in the post.

Perhaps what has been most surprising for Brits deciding between Remain and Leave, is that a substantial amount would still vote for the latter today.

That is despite the threats to their pensions and livelihoods in this wonderful country.

In terms of numbers though, the results of our analysis appear to show that for Brits in Spain, Brexit is a bad idea.

The expat vote in Spain alone could have tipped the result of the referendum, but why stop there.

Give the right to vote to some 5.5 million Brits living abroad and put this Brexit bollocks to bed for a generation.

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