SEIZED: Cash and drugs being collected by investigating officers

A HUGE drug dealing operation led by the ‘Messi of Hashish’ has been brought down by law enforcement agents. 

Some 6,060 kilograms of hashish, five high-speed vessels – which have been valued at €1.5m – 17 stolen vehicles, a whopping €480,000 euros in cash, four short and two long weapons have all been seized, while €94,000 euros have been blocked in 20 bank accounts.

An entire a shipyard has been intercepted by Civil Guard as well.

The illegal activities took place by Seville and Cadiz, the dealers operating along the Guadalquivir river, with the shipments coming from Africa. 

Now 78 people (70 men and 8 women) have been arrested for their role in the criminal organisation, while 15 orders have been issued for other members who remain on the run.

The Civil Guard have also blocked dozens of bank accounts, intervened fourteen vehicles, three vessels and infiltrated six homes located in Algeciras, all valued over €3m.

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