A TWO-year-old girl has been hit by a man driving an electric scooter in Malaga.

The girl was walking along Pier One yesterday evening when the scooter hit her, throwing her on to her back.

Local police attended the scene of the incident. After examining the girl, they found she was uninjured but in great shock.

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BANNED: From October scooters will only be allowed on roads and cycle paths in Malaga

The accident comes as Malaga prepares to pass legislation effectively banning the use of rental scooters from October. 

From next month, new regulations will confine the use of electric scooters to bike lanes and roads only. Currently they can be used in pedestrian areas, as long as they stick to 10km/h or less. 

José del Río from Malaga’s city council has already said that officials are angry about the issue and that they plan ‘drastic measures’ against scooter companies.

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