A KILLING spree has left Spain in shock after a man killed his ex-wife, her mother AND sister in the latest case of gender violence to hit the country.

Jose Luis Abet, 41, shot his ex in front of their two children, aged just four and seven, before entering the family home in Galicia and killing her mother and sister.

The shooting spree took place in Carracido, before the killer returned to his home in Bertamirans, some 20km away.

The father called Guardia Civil and confessed to the slayings.

Police arrested Abet at his property before taking him to the closest police station.

It has since been revealed the couple were going through divorce proceedings, however police said there were no records of domestic violence complaints.

Abet’s ex Alba Boquete Jamardo, 39, was reportedly getting ready to go to work when he showed up at the home.

The sister, Sandra, 27, and mother Maria Elena, 59, were helping to look after the young children, as they did every day.

According to El Pais, the children were waiting inside a car when Abet approached their mum as she was about to get in and shot her to death.

He then entered the home and killed the other two women.

The shots were heard throughout the small town, made up of just 40 homes.

One resident approached the car and quickly removed the children from the scene.

The gun has yet to be found, but considering Abet has no licence, it is believed he purchased it on the black market.

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