GRATEFUL: The judge posted the heartfelt letter to his 1.4k followers on Twitter

AN INMATE has thanked a Sevilla judge for handing him a prison sentence, saying it has given him “a whole new life.”

Judge David Candilejo Blanco posted the letter from the inmate online, with the prisoner stating that after 2,000 days incarcerated, his outlook on life has completely changed. 

The prisoner has used his time inside to pursue high school education, with a view to gain access to university, the inmate hoping to forge a career in social sciences.

He noted that he now believes in justice and the jail term has “changed his life” and “taken him out of a particular hell”.

“For all this, my honor, I should only thank you because you have created a new life for me, accepting justice and pro-social values, respecting the legality and understanding that a person’s effort is the best reward that one can reap,” the letter said.

The inmate hopes to personally thank the judge when he is released from prison. 

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