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Woman ordered to pay back dead brother’s pension that she claimed for 24 years in Spain’s Valencia region

A VALENCIA area woman has been given a two-year prison sentence and ordered to repay €135,805 to Social Security after her claiming her dead...

Man jailed for slashing neck of passer-by who refused to give him cigarette in Spain’s Valencia

A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been convicted of attempted murder in a Valencia court after he slashed the neck of a man who refused to...

Court drops charges against Spanish ex-porn star Nacho Vidal for death of photographer during ‘toad venom ritual’

CHARGES against former porn star Nacho Vidal have been provisionally dropped by a Valencia court in a bizarre case in which he was accused...

Seven-year stretch for Catholic priest for grooming and sexually abusing boy in Spain’s Murcia area

A Catholic priest who sexually abused a boy has been sentenced to 7 years and 9 months in prison by the Murcia Provincial Court. Antonio...

Convicted Dutch drug-trafficker faces extradition after Benidorm arrest in Spain

A Dutch drug-dealing fugitive has been arrested by the Policia Nacional in Benidorm. He was said to have been living in the city for 'several...

Man faces prison sentence for kicking cat that was underneath car on Costa Blanca street in Spain

AN Alicante man has been arrested for animal abuse after injuring a cat that was under his car. Eyewitnesses saw the Spaniard, 29, approach his...

Costa Blanca mayor who got early COVID-19 vaccine jab in Spain may get 12-year top job ban

LA NUCIA'S mayor, Bernabe Cano, could be barred from holding his area's highest office for 12 years if convicted of COVID-19 vaccine queue jumping. Cano...

Sevilla inmate thanks judge for prison sentence, saying it’s given him ‘whole new life’

The inmate hopes to personally thank the judge when he is released from prison.

Three years for Competa killing

British man Stephen Mallon's killer has received his sentence




UK government confirms compenation for victims of terror attack in Spain’s Murcia

THE victims of a terror attack where an islamist smashed his car onto a busy expat bar’s terrace, killing one and injuring several, are...


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