A 21-YEAR-OLD man has been convicted of attempted murder in a Valencia court after he slashed the neck of a man who refused to give him a cigarette.

The assailant has been given five years and a day in prison and ordered to pay €15,210 to the victim who now suffers permanent tiredness in one arm and one of his eyes closing when he works hard.

He’s also been given a bill of €3,765 to pay the Ministry of Health for the victim’s care.

A 300 metre restraining order on approaching the victim has also been granted- lasting for seven years.

The assault happened during the 2020 San Juan celebrations in the early hours of June 24 in a Valencia public park.

The victim was close to some bushes trying to cover his partner who was urinating.

The aggressor approached him to ask for a cigarette but was told to move away because of what was happening in the bushes.

The man refused to leave and broke a glass cup against a palm tree and in a single movement, slashed the victim’s right side, neck and left arm.

The attacker fled the scene as the wounded man bled profusely and his partner screamed for help.

A police officer provided initial assistance and made him a tourniquet when he began to lose consciousness as a result of heavy bleeding.

The victim required emergency surgery on an artery and vein and would have died had he not been treated.

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