POLICE arrested four people in Gibraltar who allegedly tried to break into the senior citizen’s club on Town Range.

Police Response Team 1 arrived on the scene at 4am after getting reports of the four men at the popular spot where elderly people meet during the day.

As soon as the four suspects saw the officers arrive they all raced off in different directions.

But Royal Gibraltar Police already had descriptions of them from the report and they quickly detained a man of 23-years-old near Trafalgar Cemetery.

They then caught a juvenile in the Queensway area.

Two more men matching the descriptions in the report were then seen crossing Casemates Square.

Police officers then cornered them in Landport Tunnel and arrested the men, aged 18 and 19 in the confines of the tunnel.

The clever policework meant that within half an hour of the original call, all four individuals were arrested.

Police officers then charged the four people with suspicion of burglary.

They also returned to the scene of the crime and found a car-jack wedged into the bars of windows and various other tools hidden close to the elderly citizen’s social club.

After searching the four at New Mole House, police officers found that the 18-year-old had a phone on him that was not his.

They further arrested the man for theft as a result of finding the phone on him.

“All in all, it had been a very good result for Response Team 1,” a police spokesperson said in the statement.


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