AN Alicante man has been arrested for animal abuse after injuring a cat that was under his car.

Eyewitnesses saw the Spaniard, 29, approach his vehicle and look underneath it.

He spotted a cat and started to kick it.

The wounded feline was left on the street as he drove off, but passers-by made a note of his car license plate details.

The cat’s owner arrived home and she did not find the animal there.

She went to look for it in the street and noticed a crowd of people had gathered close-by.

Policia Local officers were also at the scene along with an animal shelter worker who had put the injured cat in a carrier.

The feline needed several visits to the vet for treatment, but is expected to make a full recovery.

The owner filed a complaint with the Policia Nacional who detained the animal assailant.

The attacker has an existing criminal record over other issues.

Under new penalties approved for animal abuse cases, he faces a three to eighteen month prison sentence for causing injuries that required veterinary care.


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