A WOMAN has been arrested after falsely claiming she was raped by a group of black men on the Costa del Sol.

Police almost arrested a man who matched her made up descriptions after he was seen in the vicinity of the alleged attack in Fuengirola.

It came after the unnamed woman told her friend on September 2 that she had been raped in the early hours of that morning.

Both had enjoyed a meal out the night before with a group of friends, before a few of them shared a taxi home.

The ‘victim’,  who was the last to be dropped off, claimed that she got out of the taxi in the wrong part of the seaside town.

She then claimed that she approached three ‘dark skinned’ men to ask if they knew where her street was.


It was then, she lied, that they grabbed her by the arm and dragged her into a white car ‘with tinted windows’ where one raped her while the other two watched.

The concerned friend phoned the police on September 3 and an official investigation was launched.

Forensic examiners conducted a rape kit and police took an official statement.

But when investigators began to ask for more specific details, the woman became reluctant.

She could not recall the exact location of the attack or give the time.

Agents concluded that the sexual attack could have only occurred between 4.12am and 4.30am, which was the only time in which she was left alone.

They then discovered that one of the friends in the taxi was a man who the ‘victim’ had started dating.

Friends told police the man had not been paying much attention to the woman, and that she had felt neglected.

Eventually, the woman admitted that everything she had claimed was a lie and that she had wanted to attract the man’s attention ‘because she was in love with him.’

She was arrested for making a false claim.

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