TWO men who were arrested in a botched bank robbery yesterday were armed and disguised as couriers, it has emerged.

Police swarmed a Caixabank in Estepona, before cuffing the two suspects at around 2:05 pm on Thursday.

The pair are believed to have taken hostages at the bank in Avenida Andalucia.

Dramatic footage had shown around 10 officers storm the bank, while a police negotiator could be heard shouting to the men.

Bank Robbery B
ARREST: The moment Policia Nacional officers detain the two men who had disguised themselves as couriers in order to ‘rob a bank’

A woman believed to be the bank manager entered the bank, before the suspects emerged through the front door and were handcuffed.

“First let the hostages go, get down to the floor, everybody get to the floor,” the negotiator could be heard saying.

“Throw the weapons to the ground and put your hands on your head.

It had originally been reported that only one suspect was held by police.

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