A WANTED Brit has been arrested in Spain after fleeing the UK on charges of sexual activity with a minor. 

According to eldia.es, the 53-year-old was wanted in the UK on four separate counts when he was cuffed by Policia Nacional on Thursday.

The alleged paedophile was picked up in the Los Cristianos area of Tenerife.

Spanish authorities tracked the suspect to the south of the island after a European Arrest Warrant was issued.

The twisted Brit had adopted different techniques to evade capture, however, lacking a known address and changing his routine constantly.

He was squatting in abandoned homes or sleeping rough in caves or on beaches along the coast.

He was finally spotted by agents in Arona.

The suspect tried to flee on foot but was tackled to the ground near Plaza del Pescador.

He was thrown behind bars while police prepared the extradition process.

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