A BRITISH teacher has been sentenced to eleven and a half years in jail for sexually abusing a 14 year old pupil. 

The Provincial Court of Almeria also banned him from teaching children for 16 years and forbid him from contacting the victim for 17 years.

SICK: British paedophile teacher Carlo Troiano

38 year old Carlo Troiano was a teacher at the British St. George School in the coastal town of  Roquetas de Mar, where he encountered his female victim.

The teacher was hired in August 2014 by the school, despite having been previously tried and acquitted in the UK for sexual abuse.

The court heard that school management had been informed about this ‘months after the defendant was hired.’

FAILINGS: St. George School in Roquetas de Mar

Two other teachers had also told school bosses that they had seen the defendant and the child together at the beach and supermarket outside of school hours, but the school had failed to take any action.

Only after the victim’s mother reported the teacher to police, did the school begin to take action.

The relationship between the man and teenager lasted eight months, having begun in April 2016 when the defendant kissed the victim on the mouth, despite her initial reluctance. 

The contact soon became more physical and by May 2016 they were having sex together.

Once Anos Y Medio Un Profesor Por Abusar De Una Alumna En Roquetas
SENTENCED: The Provincial Court of Almeria

The relationship came to a halt in November of the same year after the girl’s mother discovered what was happening and contacted police. 

In its decision, the court was highly critical of the school’s approach to the situation. “There is no record that the college took any measures to clarify the situation and preserve the interests of the child,” it said.

The school was forced to contribute towards damages paid to the girl.

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