TWO inflatable boats carrying 105 North African migrants have arrived in the Spanish region of Cadiz in just 24 hours. 

39 migrants arrived on Playa de Camposoto in the city of San Fernando at 11 o’clock yesterday.

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SAVED: Spain’s maritime rescue services helped the migrants

All the people aboard the boat were men from the Maghreb. They were met by members of the Red Cross and the Guardia Civil upon arrival. 

Shortly after, maritime rescue services came to the assistance of a second boat carrying 66 people, off the city of Cadiz. 

The 65 men and one woman, all from Morocco, were taken to Puerto America on Cadiz docks. 

Most of the migrants have been transferred to a temporary care centre in San Roque. 25 have been held at San Fernando police station and another 14 at a police station in El Puerto de Santa Maria.

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