TOWED AWAY: Spain’s first ever cocaine submarine

TWO men from Ecuador have been arrested, after Spanish authorities intercepted what is thought to be the world’s first transatlantic narco submarine.

A third Spanish national is on the run since Police busted the 65-foot vessel which was carrying $121 million of cocaine.

The boat was stopped on Sunday night in Galicia following its 4,778 mile journey from Columbia. 

COMING UP FOR AIR: The narco vessel is pulled by a boat

Spanish police believe the group behind the submarine are large and sophisticated. It is thought the vessel itself is worth $2.7 million.

Officials say it is the first time a narco submarine has been found to be operating in Spanish waters. 

BIG CATCH: Divers on the submarine

They say that they first became aware of the vessel’s movements after it stopped off the coast of Portugal around November 15.

There has allegedly been rumours in a Spanish prison that a drug baron in Galicia was working on a 3,000 kilo shipment of cocaine since October, according to El Pais.

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