EXPAT homeowners are flocking to the crystal Mediterranean waters of Alicante as new figures reveal it as the province with the most foreign buyers.

Spain’s College of Registrars announced a whopping 40.7% of all homes sold in the third trimester of 2019 were snapped up by expats – more than triple the national average.

Alicante’s popularity conquered other expat hotspots in Spain, with Santa Cruz de Tenerife registering 32.6% of sales to foreign buyers, followed by Malaga (28.8%), Baleares (28.1%), Girona (27.5%) and Murcia (21.5%).

British buyers again took the lion’s share of expat house purchases, accounting for 14.27% of the foreign market nationwide.

The number of houses sold to Brits across Spain – 2,160 – showed a 1% increase on 2018’s final trimester.

UK buyers were trailed by the French (8.4%), Germans (6.6%), Belgians (6.17%), Maroccans (6.05%) and Romanians (5.83%).

“The foreign demand continues to represent a very important strength in the Spanish residential market,” a statement from the College of Registrars said.

“The expat market is a counterweight factor in the face of stagnation of domestic demand.”

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