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BLOOD STAINED: The venue’s floor following the fight

TERRIFIED customers were forced to take cover in the toilets after a mass brawl in a pub left the floor soaked in blood. 

Five people have been reported injured, two of them seriously, following the fight at a bar in Sevilla on Saturday night. 

Ten people were involved in the mass brawl during which glasses, hookah pipes and tables were thrown across the establishment. 

A video taken at Copas Bravissimo shows the floor streaked red and covered in glass shards, while a bare chested man with blood soaked jeans walks up and down. 

The injured are being treated in Virgin de Valme University Hospital in Sevilla.

The bar’s owners have said that up until the fight there was a ‘very good atmosphere’ in the establishment.

COPAS BRAVISSIMO: Where the fight took place

They added that they didn’t notice anything prior to the violence. 

Copas Bravissimo, which is located in the Sevillan town of Dos Hermanas, opened yesterday as usual.

The Policia Nacional have said they are investigating the events, but have yet to arrest anyone.

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